Diamond Drag Engraving is the most common form of computer controlled engraving, where a diamond tipped tool is used to scratch almost any surface with text and images.l

Cylindrical items and most curved surfaces can be engraved using this method, however for non-cylindrical curved surfaces the engraving area can become restricted (over the area to be engraved the "height" of the item cannot vary by more than 25mm, and surface angle must be no greater than 30º).

Evright.com has decades of experience with various CNC equipment engraving projects of all sizes and shapes. Evright is experienced working with all precious metals, such as gold and silver. Common uses for this technology include:

Serial numbering of parts
Personalisation of gifts
Jewellery, pre- and post-manufacturing
Labelling of metal parts and tools
Engraved pewter and silverware
Engraved plaques, shields and trophies